Carleen Goddard-Mazur Training Institute

Bringing Innovation to Child Welfare

Purpose of the Institute

The Carleen Goddard-Mazur Training Institute was launched in 2012 with a bequest from the estate of Carleen Goddard-Mazur. The purpose of the Institute is two-fold:

  1. The Institute provides instruction to child welfare agencies on the groundbreaking adoption and foster care programs developed by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition.
  2. The Institute provides professional training to child welfare workers and resource parents in the St. Louis community by bringing in cutting edge researchers and clinicians from around the country to offer skill building seminars with the purpose of providing the very best services to youth who are, or who have been, in foster care.

About Carleen Goddard-Mazur

Carleen grew up with her foster parents, “Ma and Pa.”

Carleen Head Shot

Carleen had an indomitable spirit, living life to its fullest. Bright and gifted, she was an accomplished Licensed Practical Nurse. Determined and progressive, she was both a maritime and an aerial pilot. Graceful and beautiful, she was a model and socialite. Kind and compassionate, she cared for Ma and Pa in her own home, until their deaths.

A Picture of Carleen Goddard-Mazur with her horse

Carleen had an eclectic and varied career as an accomplished equestrian, licensed pilot, licensed boat captain, professional model, and nurse. (photograph, 1979)

Carleen’s philosophy was that there is nothing in life that cannot be accomplished, and she wanted youth in foster care to know that–no matter what–you can succeed.

Her legacy lives on in the Carleen Goddard-Mazur Training Institute, and it is our honor carry out this work in her memory.

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