Request a Little Wish

Little Wishes allow children in foster care to have childhood experiences they may not otherwise be able to enjoy.  Funds are often not available for the “extras” that make childhood special, such as summer camp, lessons, sports teams, graduation expenses, a room makeover and fun days with siblings and friends.

Please consider the following criteria BEFORE completing and submitting a Little Wishes Referral Form.


  • Child must be at least 5 years old
  • Child must currently be in foster care
  • One wish per year, per child

A Little Wish must:

  • Help the child develop or enhance a skill (for example: dance lessons, bicycle, basketball hoop)
  • Help the child sustain the bond between biological siblings living in separate foster homes (for example: sibling visit to Chuck E. Cheese or Dave and Busters)
  • Provide the child with an opportunity to attend a St. Louis attraction or event, a camp or trip (for example: Cardinals game, summer camp, senior trip)
  • Allow the child to gather with family and friends to celebrate a special day (for example: a special birthday party, prom expenses, graduation fees)
  • Help cultivate the child’s sense of belonging in his/her foster home (for example: a room makeover)
  • Dollar limit $200 out of pocket per wish. (Referring source should use discretion on any wishes that may exceed this amount. Referring source should not share dollar amount with child.)

Other Requirements:

  • Foster family/case workers/adoption recruiter/CASA/GAL are responsible for identifying and securing transportation necessary for fulfillment of wish
  • Area limited to greater metro St. Louis area. Travel outside this area off limits.
  • Camps determined on case-by-case basis
  • Time frame for wishes should be reasonable and finite (8 weeks of classes, not one year)
  • No toys
  • No video games
  • No pets
  • No gun training, paint ball lessons, fencing, shooting or weaponry of any kind
  • No clothing wishes fulfilled unless supported by experience or self-esteem context

Protocol for change of wish: Any time a wish needs to be changed, a new application nulls and voids the previous submission. Referring source can withdraw a wish at any time. Wish fulfillment is first-come, first-served and Little Wishes will make every attempt to fulfill them in a timely manner.  Some wishes may be fulfilled first if there is a seasonal deadline (for example: Rams games, Six Flags visit, etc.)

Click here to apply for Little Wishes for your child