Future Parents

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What’s the difference between foster care and adoption?

Being a foster parent means providing temporary care for a child.  Foster parents care for the daily needs of children (physical custody), but the legal responsibilities (legal custody) rests with the state. Temporary care can mean a few days to a couple of years.

Being an adoptive parent means providing for daily care AND having legal responsibilities for a child. This means making a commitment to a child for a lifetime!

Foster and adoptive parenting is a rewarding—but demanding—job. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition offers parents much assistance, including support groups, training, respite activities, advocacy, newsletters, two resale shops, and the Little Wishes and Birthday Buddies program. This site is to serve as a resource center for your needs.

The Coalition wishes you the best of luck on this marvelous journey!

Click below to download an informational packet for prospective parents.