High School Senior Pictures

A few photographers have offered to take senior pictures for high school senior students who are currently in foster care. The photographers will provide a free 60 minute photo shoot and free digital images (on CD or over the internet, depending on photographer preference). Foster parents and case managers of high school seniors in foster care can get contact information for these photographers by filling out the information below.

By completing and signing this application, I hereby request information about photographers who will provide a free 60 minute photo shoot as well as free digital images from that shoot to youth in foster care who are seniors in high school.

(1) I understand the photographers are not employed by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition. I understand that the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition is completely dependent on the generosity and responsibility of these photographers and that the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition does not guarantee these complimentary photographic services.
(2) I understand that these photographers are typically paid for their photographic services and that they may have more than one photo shoot booked each day. If I make an appointment with one of these photographers, I agree to ensure that the youth will arrive on time for the appointment.
(3) If an appointment must be cancelled, I agree to inform the photographer at least one week in advance.
(4) I understand that this is a free service being provided, and that the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition cannot make any guarantee that the youth, foster parent and/or case manager will be satisfied with the quality of the photographs taken.
(5) I understand that the photographer is providing a complimentary 60 minute photo shoot and that the photographs will be shared with the youth digitally (via the internet or on CD – whichever the photographer prefers). I promise not to ask for additional free services or products from the photographer.

By typing your full name and initials below, you electronically acknowledge reading, understanding, and agreeing to the above information. You state that all of the information you provided is true.

Student must be a high school senior in foster care.

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