Outstanding Youth Service Award

Opportunity for high school students to receive a Board of Directors’ Outstanding Youth Service Award

 To qualify, youth must:

1)  Volunteer for at least 30 hours at ReFresh

  • a)   A portion of those hours must be spent learning how to properly value ReFresh clothing donations.
  • b)   Because learning to value ReFresh clothing donations requires one-on-one training with a ReFresh manager, the OYS candidate must specifically schedule volunteer hours in advance with the ReFresh manager, so the manager has sufficient time to properly train and supervise the OYS candidate’s work.

2)  Collect, donate, sort, tag and value at least $5,000 in clothing for ReFresh

  • a)  The value of ReFresh clothing donations will be determined by actual ReFresh pricing;
  • b)  Clothing that does not meet ReFresh standards does not count toward the $5,000;
  • c)  To determine the value of the ReFresh clothing donations, the OYS candidate must collect, sort, tag, and value all of his/her clothing donations.  The OYS candidate must have volunteered at ReFresh for at least 30 hours before he/she can begin tagging and valuing his/her clothing donations;
  • d)  Due to lack of storage space, clothing donations must remain with the OYS candidate until it is sorted, tagged, and valued.  An OYS candidate’s clothing donations cannot be stored at ReFresh

For more information, please contact Shelley Thomas-Benke at shelleythomasbenke@foster-adopt.org or 314-367-8373.