Recruitment FAQs

What’s the difference between foster care and adoption?

Foster care is a temporary arrangement until a child can either be reunified with their birth family or placed with a permanent caregiver if reunification is not possible. Adoption is making a lifelong commitment to a child.

Do I have to own my home?

No. Foster parents may own, rent, or be in the process of buying a home, condo, or apartment. Families who rent must have their landlord’s permission to become foster parents. Your local municipality may also require an occupancy permit.

How long does it take to become a foster or adoptive parent?

It takes four to six months to become a licensed foster or adoptive parent, but having a license does not guarantee an immediate placement. Well-trained, competent families are needed, so there is an in-depth training and home-study process to complete.

As a foster parent, do I have a say as to which child is placed in my home?

Yes. Foster parents specify the race, age, gender, and number of children they wish to care for. You have the option to decline a placement.

Can I become a foster parent if I’m LGBT?

Yes. Per Missouri Children’s Division policy, “a license will be issued to either married couples or a single individual. Only one license can be issued per household, so the license will be in one adult’s name. All adults in the household who will have child care responsibility will be required to attend state approved foster parent training. Personal information elicited during the home study include: Lifestyles and practices, including sexual orientation of the foster parent(s).” In Illinois, licensing standards say that licensees shall be either a single person or two persons in a marriage or civil union with each other. 

Are there income requirements for foster parents?

No, but traditional foster parents need to have enough income to meet their own family’s needs.

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