Triple P

Positive Parenting Program®

(Where Small Changes make a BIG Difference)

Parenting is hard work, for everyone, even under the most ideal circumstances. Triple P has been proven to address a broad range of moderate to severe behavioral, emotional, and developmental concerns of children birth to age 19, with a focus of enhancing the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents.

Delivered in the family home, evidence-based Triple P is completed over the course of 8-12 weeks.

Strategies of Triple P 

• Develop Positive Relationships
• Increase Desirable Behaviors
• Teach New Skills and Behaviors
• Manage Problem Behaviors
• Deal with Risky Behaviors and Settings

Principles of Triple P

• Ensure a Safe Home
• Create a Positive Learning Environment
• Use Assertive Discipline
• Have Realistic Expectations
• Take Care of Oneself as a Parent


• Foster families residing in St. Louis County,
• Foster families caring for a child under St. Louis County jurisdiction,
• Foster children are 19 years old and younger


Triple P is available under a grant from the St. Louis County Children’s Service Fund.

To learn more about the Power of Positive Parenting, contact
Anne Zink, MSW, at the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition at 314-367-8373