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    1) If you are a foster care case manager who wants to bring more than 1 student to an appointment, please contact Fonda, our Cinderella Coordinator, directly at 314-952-8268 to get a special appointment time.
    2) If you do not need a group appointment, please have the student choose 3 preferred appointment times. If the student is a size 0 or a size 16 or larger, keep in mind that earlier appointment times offer the best dress selection. The student’s assigned appointment time will be emailed to the student and the referring person (case manager or foster/adoptive parent).
    10:00am - Saturday, February 2911:30pm - Saturday, February 291:00pm - Saturday, February 292:30pm - Saturday, February 294:00pm - Saturday, February 2912:30pm - Sunday, March 12:00pm - Sunday, March 13:30pm - Sunday, March 14:30pm - Monday, March 24:30pm - Tuesday, March 34:30pm - Wednesday, March 4
    For more information, contact Fonda Richards at 314-952-8268.