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1) If you are a school counselor or case manager who wants to bring students during school hours, there are appointment times available on Monday 2/25 through Wednesday 2/27. Please contact Fonda, our Cinderella Coordinator, directly at 314-952-8268 to schedule.
2) If the student will come after school or in the evening to choose her gown, please have the student choose 3 preferred times. An email with assigned appointment time will be sent to the student and the counselor.
10:30am - Saturday, February 2312:00pm - Saturday, February 231:30pm - Saturday, February 233:00pm - Saturday, February 2312:30pm - Sunday, February 242:00pm - Sunday, February 243:30pm - Sunday, February 244:30pm - Monday, February 254:30pm - Tuesday, February 264:30pm - Wednesday, February 27

We understand that your school may have additional low-income girls who need help to have the prom of their dreams. Starting on Saturday March 3 at 10:00am, all remaining dresses at the Cinderella Boutique in ReFresh will be available to the public for $35 or less.

For more information, contact Fonda Richards at 314-952-8268.