Birthday Buddy Gifts for Chante

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CHANTE – 16 years old in May
Chante is shy until she gets to know you, possibly because she has been in foster care for 12 years. She likes to watch movies, make videos, and play online games. Chante also enjoys being outside and going on walks. You can help make Chante’s birthday the sweetest 16th yet! Chante would love to celebrate her birthday dining at her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and shopping at Footlocker. Make-up is also one of her passions so she would love a new make-up palette which includes some awesome lip glosses.

Because of the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, we’re looking for a Birthday Buddy donor to make a $100 donation for Chante’s birthday gifts. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will purchase Chante’s gifts online and have them shipped directly to her.

Out of stock

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