Birthday Buddy Gifts for Damon

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DAMON – 14 years old in August
Damon is a mature teenager who likes simple things in life. He loves to listen to music while drawing and coloring. He is such a funny kid and just puts a smile on everyone’s face. Damon has been in foster care for 6 years. Since Damon is really into arts and crafts, birthday gifts like new adult coloring books with sharpies, gel pens, paints, colored pencils, and sketch books would be perfect. He could also use a new auxiliary cord for his headphones to listen to music while he colors.

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re looking for a Birthday Buddy donor to make a $100 donation for Damon’s birthday gifts. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will purchase the gifts online and have them shipped directly to him.

Out of stock

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