Birthday Buddy Gifts for Da’Riyah

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DA’RIYAH – 1 year old in May
Da’Riyah is a very giggly baby who loves to babble, dance and watch Sesame Street. She has a big beautiful smile that lights up any room! Da’Riyah has been in foster care for the past 6 months. She is outgrowing her infant car seat and needs a car seat for toddlers. Toys that make sounds and play music or toys that she can push would delight her too!

Because of the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, we’re looking for a Birthday Buddy donor to make a $75 donation for Da’Riyah’s birthday gifts. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will purchase Da’Riyah’s gifts online and have them shipped directly to her.

Out of stock

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