Birthday Buddy Gifts for Dasani

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DASANI – 12 years old in June
Dasani is full of so much life! When you first meet him, you will think that he is quiet and shy. But if you give him a pack of Pokemon he could entertain you for hours. He also loves to share stories. Dasani is a natural when it comes to sports. He enjoys playing basketball and loves soccer. He also loves to share stories. Dasani often plays basketball with the other children in the neighborhood. Dasani is a great kid who simply wants to have a normal life and return home to his family. He’s been in foster care for about 1 year. This Pokemon lover has some very specific birthday requests: the Pokemon TCG: Meowth V Teaser Box, the Pokemon TCG: Legends of Johto Gx Premium Collection Box, and a Tombert Pokemon card carrying case whiich holds 400+ cards. A Walmart or Amazon gift card would be great too, so he can choose a gift for himself!

Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’re looking for a Birthday Buddy donor to make a $75 donation for Dasani’s birthday gifts. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will purchase Dasani’s gifts online and have them shipped directly to him.

Out of stock

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