Birthday Buddy Gifts for Kaiden

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KAIDEN – 5 years old in May

Kaiden is so smart and creative! He loves crafts and messy play. He can be quiet and shy, but once he’s ready…he will talk your ear off with funny made-up stories or something he remembered from months ago with great detail. He has enjoyed t-ball and soccer and loves the St. Louis Blues, St. Louis Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers! Kaiden has recently decided that pink and blue are his favorite colors and that he wants to be a fireman, Elsa, and a dad when he grows up! Kaiden has been in foster care for about a year and a half. Kaiden would love a “giant metal fire truck” for his birthday, as well as the Monster Jam Monster Dirt Arena Set Max-D, monster trucks, Hot Wheels, the Hot Wheels Figure 8 Raceway 90s, any Lego set with a super heroes, Frozen or Trolls theme, tempura paint sticks, St. Louis Blues apparel, a kids watch, Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, an OMWay Kids Camera, jumbo water beads, kinetic sand, or any STEM engineer toys for 5 year olds for his birthday.

Because of the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order, we’re looking for a Birthday Buddy donor to make a $75 donation for Kaiden’s birthday gifts. The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will purchase Kaiden’s gifts online and have them shipped directly to Kaiden.

Out of stock

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