Clothing for Children Impacted by Foster Care



To date, you have donated thousands of clothing items to more than 120 children. However, even with the enormous outpouring of clothing donations, we are still running low on certain sizes. 

To ensure we can provide clothing to families in need as quickly as possible, we’re creating a new opportunity for you to help provide clothing to St. Louis children impacted by foster care. Our experienced shoppers can get seven outfits for $10 apiece, at a total of $70 per child.

The following are typical examples of families in need of clothing this summer:

  • Sherelle took placement of her 10 year old grandson last week. He was just removed from mom’s home, and none of his clothes fit. Sherelle lost her job due to COVID-19 and asked the Coalition for help finding outfits in her grandson’s size.
  • Cary and her husband Sam took in her three nephews who are about to start a social distance summer camp. They do not have enough athletic clothing for the weeks ahead, and have already taken on enormous unexpected costs caring for the children. They reached out to see what the Coalition could take off their plate.

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