Hope Sponsor – Foster Hope Day



Hope that no child will have to grow up without a forever family.

Dinner Package

Heavy appetizers for 2 delivered to your home from Katie’s Pizza, including their famous fried artichoke salad, Neapolitan meatballs, grilled Canadian lobster, and bread service. Cocktails included! Non tax-deductible value is $80, as Katie’s Pizza is providing this menu at a reduced price.

Benefits Include

  • Your sponsorship will provide a one-to-one match on Foster Hope Day
  • Name featured on event website
  • Name featured in Fostering Hope newsletter (circ. 7,000+)
  • Name and link in E-Fostering Hope (online circ. 16,000+)
  • Name listed on the Fostering Hope Giving Society wall
  • Name listed on Coalition website