Abigail & Jose

Let us introduce you to these adorable smiling faces, Abigail and Jose! Abigail and Jose have a fun, creative and loving sibling relationship. They get along like two peas in a pod and love spending time together.

Abigail is an outgoing ten-year-old who loves to stay active! Whether she’s stretching in yoga, scoring goals on the soccer field, or performing her newest gymnastics moves on the trampoline, she is on the go!  She also loves staying social at Girl Scouts and Girls on the Run. At home, you can find her building intricate Lego creations, crafting, or mixing up a gooey batch of slime!  As a 4th grader, Abigail stays concentrated on her studies and works hard in the classroom. Those who know her best describe her as smart, inquisitive, and friendly.

Jose is an active nine-year-old who describes himself as “nice, respectful, and good at sharing.” Blink too fast, and you’ll miss him as he zips around the baseball diamond, swims laps around the pool, or catches a touchdown pass at football. Jose is a natural athlete and excels at any sport he’s introduced to, including football and ice skating. Around the house, you’ll find him saving the day with his Spiderman action figures, playing with trains, or building Legos. As a 3rd grader, his favorite subject is math. His goal this year is to continue improving his reading skills. Smart, helpful, and creative are three words that immediately come to mind when describing Jose.

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