Watch Aiden’s feature on a “A Place to Call Home.”

Ten year old Aiden is inquisitive and likes to build, draw, and create. Aiden has a vivid imagination and loves to create his own towns out of Lego’s and his own worlds in Minecraft. Engage him in conversation on either topic, and Aiden will tell you all about it. With such a wide imagination, it’s no surprise that Aiden loves action figures too! If he could combine all three into play, he would!

Aiden can be shy when meeting new people, but once he gets to know you, is quite an affectionate young man. Pre-covid, Aiden loved to give his teachers high fives and fist bumps when exceling in the classroom.

Can you tell Aiden loves school? He builds strong relationships with his teachers, enjoys reading books, and even doing math problems! This future engineer wants to solve problems and put his mind to the test!

Aiden is polite, caring, and growing to be a wonderful young man. He keeps his things organized and in place, and even makes his bed every morning. Could you be the forever family for this future thinker?


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