Amira and Amir

Amira is 7 years old and will quickly tell you she is the oldest between her and younger brother Amir, she is described as a social butterfly, with a bubbling personality, she loves being active, outdoors, gymnastics, swimming, very animated and expressive, give her a microphone with a platform! Amira loves school she catches on very quickly, likes to work independently, and is eager to help brother Amir with class work.

Twin brother Amir is very affectionate, and he is a thinker, loves school and does well with math, when he comes home from school he will tell you about his day at school and proudly display his point sheet for the day. Amir favorite pastime is playing with puzzles and Legos, he is extremely proud when he completes a puzzle and with a puff out chest displays his latest Lego project, with his Legos he can make an airplane, truck, and car, a hard thinker is Amir.

Amira and Amir loves each other they both need a family that will continue to allow them to blossom into adult hood, a family that will continue to support Amira with her love of being active inside and outside, and a family that is affectionate and will help Amir explore his love of imagination and thinking.

For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

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