Cheyana describes herself as smart, strong, chill, and creative! Like any typical 18-year old, she loves to spend time with her friends or on her cell phone. Cheyana graduated high school in May and recently got her first job, which she is ecstatic about!

Cheyana loves to express her creative side through doing her hair and make-up. She has a great imagination and is outspoken and articulate. Cheyana is a strong advocate for herself. Two of Cheyana’s favorite things are anime and Netflix.

Even though Cheyana is legally an adult, she is still wishing for her forever family. Cheyana understands her adult adoption would be unique, but she is hopeful that the right family is wishing for her, too.

Everyone deserves a forever family… and that surely doesn’t stop at 18!

For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Maddie Bobbitt – Extreme Recruiter

1750 South Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 210, Saint Louis, MO 63144
c 314.724.0811

For those who are not licensed foster/adoptive parents, please fill out the inquiry form below: