Chris & Mikhail

Watch Chris and Mikhail’s feature on “A Place to Call Home.”

Chris (12) and Mikhail (9) are brothers searching for their forever family. Ask these brothers which superhero is best and they can talk endlessly about Black Panther, Superman, The Flash, and other Marvel/DC heroes! Pour out a box of Lego’s for Chris and Mikhail, and they will be busy for hours. Building new and inventive Lego structures shows just how creative these boys are!

Chris is outgoing, silly, and makes others smile easily. He loves music, sports, and Family Feud! This young thinker really enjoys science, but math is his strong suit. While bored and flipping through books recently, Chris thought he would add up all the pages in the room. Even without a calculator, Chris located the last page of each book, added the pages up in his head, and came to a CORRECT total!

Mikhail may be more reserved than his big brother, but you would never know it in the school setting! He is eager to learn and even more eager to answer any question his teachers may throw at him, even if he doesn’t always know the answer. Mikhail is well liked by his peers and teachers. He wants to help out others, and when asked, Mikhail will always volunteer first!

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