Damon is a sweet and loving twelve year old boy who loves books and reading.  Those who know Damon describe him as an incredibly sociable and charismatic child, noting that everyone who meets Damon falls in love with him.  Damon enjoys watching CNN and the News; he especially likes to be informed about the weather.  He is really beginning to come out of his shell enjoys the company of adults.  He has a very good memory and reports loving school. Math is his favorite subject and he generally receives good grades. His teacher describes him as a bright child who loves to help the other kids in the room when he is done with his work. She also describes him as a big helper in the classroom. He has a great appetite and loves peanut butter and jelly and mashed potatoes. Some of Damon’s favorite things include the color red and playing with remote control cars, walkie talkies, arts and crafts, and on playgrounds. Damon also lists board games among his favorite activities, especially Uno!  Damon thrives with one on one attention and would benefit from a loving, consistent, and active family.

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