Darnail & Jaylisa

Watch Darnail and Jaylisa’s feature on “A Place to Call Home.”

Darnail (9) and Jaylisa (6) are siblings looking for their forever family. Both siblings love swimming and being in the water. Darnail cares deeply for his little sister, and often encourages her by setting an example and praising the good things she does. Even from a young age, he has always looked out for his sister, making sure she had food and good caregivers. Darnail and Jaylisa love to tell each other about their day, school, and activities.

Darnail is goofy and loves to laugh. He is a compassionate young man and often asks how he can help others, offering to help out, walk the dog, and even give shoulder rubs. More than anything, Darnail loves to be outside, riding bikes and scooters, or playing basketball. He recently started horseback riding and will tell you all about it!

Jaylisa is six years old going on thirty! She often knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you. She loves participating in activities like swimming and gymnastics. In fact, you will often see Jaylisa practicing gymnastics at home and even swimming (with goggles) in the bathtub. If you ask her favorite food, she will tell you that it is a McDonald’s hamburger, no pickles, no onions, double fries, and whichever toy she may want. She loves playing with her dolls and crafting of all kinds!

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