Delilah, age 14 is a tall and beautiful pre-teen who is ready for a forever family. The first thing people notice when they meet Delilah is her big bright smile that is contagious. Delilah is a girlie girl. She likes to wear lip gloss, nail polish, headbands and jewelry with her matching outfits. Delilah is outgoing and fun to be around. When you are around her she likes to say things that will make you laugh. She said some of her favorite things to do are dancing, drawing and polishing her fingernails. When she’s not doing those things she is playing games like Virtual Family and Fashion Show on the cell phone. Delilah is very helpful around the house. She likes to wash dishes, vacuum, sweep, mop and even clean her room. If she’s not doing her chores, she is helping in the kitchen. Delilah said she can make pancakes, eggs, cookies, cupcakes, and grilled cheese sandwiches. She loves eating what she cooks. Hot wings, pizza and macaroni are some other things she loves to eat, but has not learned to cook them yet. When you ask Delilah about school, she will tell you she likes school. She said Science is her favorite class. Delilah said she makes her highest grade in Gym. She said she loves playing volleyball in gym class. Delilah is a loving and caring child that likes to bring joy to everyone. Delilah will do well in a home that will provide love, structure, consistency and a sense of belonging. Being a part of a family is very important to Delilah.

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