Howard & Rondalynn

Howard (13) and Rondalynn (6) are siblings looking for their forever family. These siblings love to sing and dance in the car and often make up their own version to songs. Howard will sing a line to Rondalynn and she tries her best to keep up with him. To annoy her brother, Rondalynn often requests “Old Town Road” on repeat since she knows all the words. Despite frequent joking and making fun of each other, it is clear these sibling are bonded. Howard is always looking out for his sister, often helping her order food, clean up messes, and buckle into the car. He recently told Rondalynn that when he is an adult, he will take care of her. We hope to locate a home to allow these siblings to grow together.

Howard is goofy and loves to laugh. He tends to harden himself to new people until he is comfortable but break down that wall, and you are going to meet an amazing young man. He is honest and open about his life experiences, and will tell you exactly what he wants for himself and his little sister. Howard enjoys sports, video games, and coding on the computer.

Rondalynn is a typical six year old with an enormous amount of energy. She loves the color pink and purple, going to school, visiting her brother, and eating snacks. Rondalynn attaches easily to those she meets, making friends easily. Rondalynn loves showing off her cartwheels and gymnastics would be a great opportunity to get some energy out.

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