Watch Jason’s feature on “A Place to Call Home.”

With his awesome sense of humor, Jason is a lot of fun to be around! An affectionate and friendly kid, Jason is a great conversationalist with an engaging personality. He is super enthusiastic and is always eager to help others. He takes pride in his strengths, and says he is loyal, creative, and puts others first. Like many 14-year-olds, he enjoys gaming devices, but his true love is the outdoors. On sunny days, you can find Jason outside studying insects and wildlife. He’s even taken an interest in gardening and enjoys planting, digging in the dirt, and learning about growing various fruits and vegetables. He is fascinated by ocean life, too. Give him a nature show to watch and he’s hooked!

Jason is looking forward to being adopted. He would do well in any family that can provide him with plenty of time and attention. Nurturing and loving couples or single moms and dads would be a great fit to match Jason’s big heart. This social kid would do well with siblings – as long as they are excited to get out and go on adventures together! Active, fun-loving families who appreciate enthusiasm and a great sense of humor will be a great fit. A family that will also help him maintain his special relationships is important too. If you’d like to learn more about this great kid, please inquire!

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