Jeremesha, Floyd & Jermain

Jeremesha, Floyd, and Jermain are a beautiful sibling group of three who need a family who will help them learn about the world around them.

Jeremesha is a happy 5 year old little girl. She is great big sister. As the oldest, Jeremesha is independent. She does a great job getting dressed and especially loves matching her favorite outfits to shoes. She is intelligent and a big help to others. Jeremesha enjoys helping around the house. She loves setting the table and cleaning up after herself.

Floyd is a sweet 4 year old boy. He loves hugs and holding hands. A curious young boy, he is very eager to learn. Floyd loves blocks and has a great talent for building. He even plans it out ahead of time in his mind and puts his vision into form. With a love for music, his other favorite toys are his musical ones. When he is done with all that playing, he also takes good care of his toys and picks up after himself.

Jermain is 3 years old. He is loving and enjoys snuggle time most of all. Like his big brother, he also loves to learn. He, too, enjoys playing with blocks. He likes to build them up but mainly to have the fun of knocking them down afterwards. This sweet little guy gets his feelings hurt easily but is good at expressing himself and lets others know when he is upset about something.

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