Kevin & Kaden

Kevin, or KJ as he likes to be called, is a handsome 7-year-old who is all boy! He loves to run, play, and swim. KJ loves sports and his favorites are baseball, basketball and football. He also really enjoys TV and movies and recently discovered the XBOX Kinect and plays games like soccer and bowling. KJ is in the 2nd grade. Academically and socially he does well, falling in the middle of the class. KJ is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to drawing, coloring and writing, and if he makes a mistake, he will become frustrated, but will keep working on it until he gets it right. KJ is healthy and does not take any daily medications. He does have a therapist who he sees weekly and this therapy has helped him learn coping skills and how to communicate his wants and needs.

Kaden is a sweet and cuddly 5-year-old. He is bright and inquisitive and enjoys life. His all boy too and loves superheroes, dinosaurs, and cars. He also really likes to run, play, and swim! He currently does not attend daycare as he is able to stay home with his foster mother. However, he was attended daycare in the past and does well in that setting. Kaden loves to eat and is usually the last one at the table asking for more. He doesn’t overeat, he just really loves to eat! He has asthma that is well controlled without medication. He catches colds and viruses often but is otherwise a healthy kid.

Termination of parental rights has occurred, and the boys are legally free for adoption. They need a permanent, safe and loving family who can give them lots of attention, patience, and guidance.

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