Lynell & Ryan

Fourteen year old twin brothers, Lynell and Ryan, will steal your heart in double time. They are your typical teenage boys who love to play video games, ride their bikes around the neighborhood, and love sports. They both have a special connection to animals and have adopted a rescue dog with their foster family that they have a great bond with. They both also love summer time when they can ride four wheelers and go camping!

Lynell has a huge heart and can make anyone laugh in seconds. He can quickly take command of the room and is a natural born leader. He’s an active young man who loves football and basketball. His typical day includes riding his bike around with friends and practicing his jump shot for a future career in basketball. In the event that he isn’t the next LeBron, Lynell would like to become a police officer.  Lynell is a great brother to Ryan and has a special talent in making his 8 month old foster brother laugh. Other talents include being handy and fixing things around the house and being efficient at Fortnite.

Ryan is a sweet and loving kid with a sheepish smile. He is very friendly and social and enjoys playing outside with other kids in the neighborhood. He enjoys being physically active and likes to show off his medal from Jujitsu. Ryan is also a self-proclaimed expert at video games and gets his brother out of tight spots to level up. Ryan loves music and can surprise you with his talent in rapping. Ryan likes school and his favorite subject is English. Ryan isn’t sure what he wants to be when he grows up but has thrown around the idea of being a police officer.

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