Marion is 16 years old. He takes a minute to warm up to you, but once he gets to know you he is very friendly. Marion is at the age where he wants to learn how to drive and have that first experience with employment. He envisions his first job at a shoe store, or in a restaurant. He is interested in cooking, and he wants go to barbering school. Marion’s favorite marvel comic character is Spiderman, the great powers of Spiderman comes with great possibilities. This is something Marion admires in his favorite comic. Marion former foster parent described Marion as a good kid that gets along with other children in the neighborhood, and is always helpful in the home. Marion knows he is an older youth, but he believes he can be part of a family that will give him an opportunity to have his first job, explore cooking in the family kitchen, and navigate job opportunities.

Family is important to Marion. Being a part of a family that can offer him patience, kindness, and goodness will help Marion grow.

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