Monaye & Shemiah

Watch Monaye and Shemiah’s feature on “A Place to Call Home.”

Monaye, a happy 12-year-old pre-teen, with a winning smile, she is described as a beautiful person, with a pleasant personality, she likes coloring, drawing, and word searches, she enjoys singing and dancing, an activity she cultivated in praise dance at church where she sang in the church choir and participated in praise dance. Monaye favorite singer is ED Sheeran, the song you will hear her sing is Simply by Ed Sheeran, another favorite artist is Sara Bareilles, another fun activity Monaye enjoys is playing beanbag toss! Monaye is a big helper around the house, especially helping in the kitchen, a good appetite favorite foods are hot chicken wings, French fries, chocolate ice cream, and quick car run for McDonald’s Flurries.

Monaye has a younger sister, introducing Shemiah!

Shemiah is a your typical 8-year old sister, she is lively, with fun energy, who likes to color, looking up to her older sister Monaye, Shemiah quickly will tell you her favorite colors are pink, yellow, and blue, she likes unicorns, and L.O.L dolls, favorite foods are pizza, salads with ranch dressing, apples, oranges, grapes, and strawberries. Shemiah she wants to learn how to swim, when outside she wants to play in the rain, and she really, really, wants her ears pierced. Monaye and Shemiah agree family for them would embrace family reunions, holidays, vacations, and trips to Branson. Shemiah wants a kind, fun, family and one you can feel safe. Monaye sees in her ideal family a pet dog, the family would have laughter, and Shemiah chimed in that family would allow for downtime.

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