Roman is a dynamic 7 year old self-proclaimed comedian. He is an active kiddo who loves to ride his bike, will run straight for the slide at the playground, and will never turn down dessert for dinner.

He enjoys being outside and hopes to build a treehouse one day with a forever family. When he has down time inside, he likes to play video games and watch super hero cartoons. He will excitedly tell you that his favorite super hero is the HULK and imitate the Hulk Smash for you.
Adults in Roman’s life describe him as an outgoing, personable and extremely intelligent kid. Roman loves that he is caring and makes people laugh, and I promise that you will love that about him too!

He loves the holidays and Christmas is his favorite. Roman described his ideal Christmas as a movie night watching Home Alone with his family, a bucket of popcorn to share, and cake. What he wishes for even more, is a forever family to share it all with.

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