Romeo & Romel

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These adorable brothers have an extremely strong bond and hope for a forever family that will commit to the both of them. Romeo and Romel each have their own unique personalities, but those personalities mesh well. Church has been a big part of their lives since they were babies so they would love a family that will continue to share that with them.

Romeo is 15 years old and in the 10th grade. He is blessed with great musical ability, which he expressed by playing the viola for three years. Besides music, he also enjoys sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. His ultimate wish is to be part of a family that would take him to an NBA game. Romeo has a powerhouse personality! While he can be shy, he comes out of his shell when he entertains an audience. Those that know him say he is very respectful and that he is also a great older brother to Romel. Romeo looks forward to having a family that will teach him how to drive, explore employment opportunities with him, and cook with him in the kitchen. More than anything, he wants a family that is willing to learn how to interact with him so they can spend quality time together.

Romel, a pre-teen that is 12 years old, is ready to embark on middle school as he heads into the 7th grade. He is inquisitive and easygoing, and others describe him as a youth with a great urge to learn. He is very proud when he works on his homework by himself, and loves bringing his work to an adult for extra help, encouragement, and affirmation of a job well done. Romel is a great helper. He is currently learning more age appropriate household chores and has expressed an interest in learning how to cook easy fun meals. Romel will be happy when he can spend time with his forever-family learning new things. He gets along well with his older brother Romeo, as well as kids from all age groups. He is kind and loving to pets, and desires a family dog to love, take on walks, and teach to jog alongside him as he rides his bike.

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