Sophia is a kind, compassionate 15 year old hoping to fulfill her wish for a forever family. Sophia loves baking, cake decorating, and smoothie making. She enjoys watching YouTube videos to see how bakers create their towering cake masterpieces. She can tell you how to make cream cheese icing and is working on the perfect fruit smoothie. Her first smoothie experiments may have been a bit too sweet with a full cup and a half of sugar, but there’s nothing wrong with a little sweetness, right? Just like her smoothies, Sophia is the sweetest. She truly cares for others, and wants only the best for those she loves. Sophia hurts when others hurt, and is fiercely loyal to those she holds close. She loves music, video games, and her Nintendo DS. After homework and chores, you might catch Sophia quietly listening to music while playing her games.

Sophia does best with routine and knowing expectations with enough time to transition. She loves traditions big and small such as family meals and movie or game nights and is equally excited about new experiences such as sleep overs and traveling. Sophia has excelled when guided with loving, firm, consistent boundaries and detailed expectations. Sophia has asked over and over when she will find her forever home. Could it be you?

For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Samantha Fisher – Extreme Recruiter

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o 314.367.8373

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