Tianna, Trevione, Ashton

Watch Tianna, Trevione, and Ashton’s feature on “A Place to Call Home.”

Tianna is a 15-year-old teenager headed to the 10th grade with a smile that will melt your heart. She likes to dance, sing, and color. She loves posing for the camera and will twist and turn for that *just-right* camera shot. Tianna does have a quietness to her and becomes more expressive once she gets to know you. Tianna is willing to try new things and enjoys participating in outings.

Trevione is 14 years old and in the 9th grade. He has a super personality and is very friendly, caring, and delights everyone who meets him. Trevione enjoys sports, playing basketball, and would like the opportunity to play on a football team. He enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, reading, and the outdoors. He wants the opportunity to go hiking in a national forest and experience wilderness camping.

Ashton is 13 years old and the youngest of this sibling trio. He is in the 8th grade. He likes to skateboard, play football and enjoys video games like his older brother Trevione. For Ashton, reading is a hobby. He loves to learn history and visit historical places. Creativity and imagination make him one of the best storytellers you have ever heard. Ashton is a thinker and likes to engage in conversations that stimulate his learning. He is quick to share his cooking skills and can independently cook scrambled eggs, French toast, and a fantastic taco. He even enjoys washing dishes after he cooks.

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