Birthday Buddies

Make a foster child’s birthday wishes come true by becoming a Birthday Buddy! As a Birthday Buddy, you donate presents to a foster child who has been identified as likely to receive very few or no gifts for his/her birthday. Sometimes children ask that their party guests bring a present for a foster child in lieu of a birthday gift for him/her. Other donors simply enjoy being a Birthday Buddy to brighten a foster child’s birthday.


To become a Birthday Buddy:

  1. Select a child from the list of foster children with upcoming birthdays (below).
  2. Fill out the form here.
  3. Drop off your gifts to a Birthday Buddy Coordinator’s home in Kirkwood, MO, or Waterloo, IL.

If you prefer, you may download and print the Birthday Buddy Donor Application and fax to 314.241.0715 or mail to the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, 1750 S. Brentwood Blvd., Ste. 210, St. Louis, MO 63144. Questions? Contact Shelley Thomas-Benke at 800.FOSTER.3 (314.367.8373) x2229. 

DeSHAUN – 15 years old in June
DeShaun is a fashionable young man who loves to play basketball and work out at the gym boxing. He has been in foster care for about one year and has made great academic improvement. His team hopes to move him out of a residential facility and into a foster home in the next month or two.  Birthday gift ideas for DeShaun include an iPod or MP3 player, a gift card to Walmart, or a gift card to Old Navy, Marshall’s, or TJ Maxx so he can choose some clothing for himself. To reach Deshaun in time for his birthday, gifts should be delivered by June 11.

RONZELL – 3 years old in June
Ronzell is a sweet, rowdy, and charming toddler. He already loves sports and outdoor activities. Gifts that would be the highlight of Ronzell’s birthday include sports related items like a basketball or soccer ball of his own. He also loves cars, trucks, and books. Speech enhanced books or toys would be great for teaching Ronzell to love learning and reading. Ronzell’s foster parent would love to throw him a birthday party with an Elmo theme. Sesame Street characters are a big deal to a 3 year old. Party decor or gifts with Elmo as the theme would put a big smile on Ronzell’s face on his birthday. To reach Ronzell in time for his birthday, gifts should be delivered by June 6.

KYLIE – 14 years old in July
Kylie is a sweet young lady who remains a girly-girl at heart. Kylie loves music and being creative. Turning 14 only happens once, and girly girls like Kylie love to be creative with nail polish and lip gloss. A birthday gift of an art kit would be nice to encourage Kylie’s creativity and awaken her inner artist. Her favorite artists are Taylor Swift and Fifth Harmony, posters of them to hang on her wall would be a great gift. Kylie also loves anything involving the movie (or cartoon) of Jem and the Holograms. To reach Kylie in time for her birthday, gifts should be delivered by July 2.

CHRISTOPHER – 10 years old in July
Christopher will kick off his birthday month with summer traveling with his foster family. A portable DVD player will make his road trip a pleasant one. Superhero or Disney movies would be a great addition to help him pass the time in the car. 10 year olds love Legos and Bakugan toys, but Christopher could also benefit from some toys that provide sensory support, which will keep him in learning mode over the summer. To reach Christopher in time for his birthday, gifts should be delivered by July 3.

TRENTON – 4 years old in July
Trenton is a little guy who loves being active outside. He is a sweet kiddo (who also has a sweet tooth!). He likes playing pretend so he would love to receive age-appropriate cars and trucks as well as dress up clothes. Outdoor toys and games would make his summer special and fun. Trenton also loves Spiderman, Bubble Guppies and toddler Legos. To reach Trenton in time for his birthday, gifts should be delivered by July 2.

MALIEK – 15 years old in August
Maliek has an AMAZING personality and the best smile, though he can be quiet and reserved. Those who know Maliek adore him. He’s a huge sports fan. His favorite teams are the Cavaliers, and he’s all about Lebron James. For his birthday, Maliek requested gift cards to places like Game Stop and Starbucks. A remote control car or helicopter will help balance out his video game play. He also plays sports; so it would be great for him to have extra outdoor game stuff such as a soccer ball, basketball, or football. To reach Maliek in time for his birthday, gifts should be delivered by August 7.

HENRY – 3 years old in September
Henry is developmentally delayed and still catching up on his learning milestones. He loves to be read to. Now that Henry is entering into big boy territory, it would be great for him to have some light up toys with interesting sounds to hold his attention (age-appropriate for a one year old). New books for him to read would also make a great gift for him this year. To reach Henry in time for his birthday, gifts should be delivered by September 2.