Little Wishes

Program Overview

Little Wishes is a heartfelt initiative within Family Enrichment, offering children impacted by foster care opportunities for joy, growth, and cherished memories. Through a range of experiences and material gifts, such as summer camp funds, amusement park passes, sports lessons, music classes, bikes, and birthday celebrations, Little Wishes fosters a sense of normalcy and happiness in their lives. It’s about providing our children with the chance to thrive amidst challenging circumstances, creating moments they’ll treasure forever.

Does Your Child Need a Little Wish?

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Dayshion- Six Flags

Dayshion and his foster brother Akeem are the perfect ages to enjoy everything Six Flags has to offer from the roller coasters to the awesome water slides in Hurricane Harbor. This Little Wish will give them and their foster parent admission, parking, and food at the park.

Akeem- Six Flags

Akeem and his foster brother Dayshion are the perfect ages to enjoy everything Six Flags has to offer from the roller coasters to the awesome water slides in Hurricane Harbor. This Little Wish will give them and their foster parent admission, parking, and food at the park.

Jaxon- Zoo membership

Six-year-old Jaxon has a passion for animals and trains. He exudes curiosity and excitement whenever he sees animals in their natural habitat or catches a glimpse of a train passing by. A membership to the Zoo complete with train tickets promises to give him a year of thrilling experiences.

Jayla- Summer camp

Jayla’s Little Wish is to attend a local summer camp that will give her a variety of fun outdoor activities mixed with programming to help develop her social-emotional and educational attitudes that will help her succeed in school and later in life.

Madison- Summer camp

Madison has been begging her foster parents to let her join the other girls in her Girl Scout troop and go to a 3 week sleep-away camp. Camp will help her build friendships and her confidence.

Harley- Summer camp

Harley LOVES being a Girl Scout and really wants to go to Girl Scout camp this summer. She is excited to have the opportunity to meet new friends and have fun new experiences, including riding and grooming horses!

Jesse & Jamiah- Sibling outing

As seen on KSDK’s A Place to Call Home, kind and respectful 12 year old Jesse really looks up to his friendly and somewhat shy 14 year old sister Jamiah. The two squabble like true siblings, but love even bigger. They’re hoping to find a forever family where they are adopted together. For their Little Wish, they would like to enjoy all of the fun activities at Union Station together, including the aquarium and ferris wheel, along with a special lunch.

Kingston- Six Flags passes

Kingston is an intelligent and active almost-nine year old boy. His foster parent wants to make sure he enjoys his summer break and stays active. Granting this wish will allow Kingston and foster sibling to enjoy the rides at Six Flags, Hurricane Harbor water park and some drinks/food at the park.

Jozlynn- Gymnastics Lessons

Jozlynn is a 12 year old who loves to tumble. Her Little Wish is for gymnastics lessons so she can gain new skills, stay active, and have fun!

Rah’Keem- Birthday party at Urban Air

Thirteen year old Sakarii has been to Dave & Busters only once and she had such a great time, she’s asked if she can plan a special birthday outing there so she can bring a few friends with her to eat and play the games.

Note: if no Little Wishes appear above, then all of them are granted at this time. Consider making a donation to grant a child’s big wish – a forever family – instead!

Little Wishes Requirements

Please consider the following criteria BEFORE completing and submitting a Little Wishes Referral Form.


  • Child must be at least 5 years old.
  • Child must currently be in foster care.
  • One wish per year, per child.

A Little Wish must

  • Help the child develop or enhance a skill (for example, dance lessons, bicycle, basketball hoop).
  • Help the child sustain the bond between biological siblings living in separate foster homes (for example, sibling visit to Chuck E. Cheese or Dave and Busters).
  • Provide the child with an opportunity to attend a St. Louis attraction or event, a camp or trip (for example, Cardinals game, summer camp, senior trip).
  • Allow the child to gather with family and friends to celebrate a special day (for example, a special birthday party, prom expenses, graduation fees).
  • Help cultivate the child’s sense of belonging in their foster home (for example, a room makeover).
  • Dollar limit: $250 out of pocket per wish. (Referring source should use discretion on any wishes that may exceed this amount. The referring source should not share dollar amount with child).

Other Requirements

  • Foster family/case workers/adoption recruiter/CASA/GAL are responsible for identifying and securing transportation necessary for fulfillment of wish.
  • Area limited to greater metro St. Louis area – Travel outside this area off limits.
  • Camps are determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • The time frame for wishes should be reasonable and finite (8 weeks of classes, not one year)
  • No electronic devices such as tablets, phones, laptops, or computers.
  • No toys.
  • No video games.
  • No pets.
  • No gun training, paintball lessons, fencing, shooting, or weaponry of any kind.
  • No clothing wishes are fulfilled unless supported by experience or self-esteem context.

Protocol for change of wish

Any time a wish needs to be changed, a new application nulls and voids the previous submission. The referring source can withdraw a wish at any time. Wish fulfillment is first come, first served, and Little Wishes will make every attempt to fulfill them in a timely manner.  Some wishes may be fulfilled first if there is a seasonal deadline (for example, Cardinals games, Six Flags visit, etc.)


Please fill this form out completely to request a Little Wish. Be sure to click “Submit” when you are finished. Children currently in foster care, ages 5 and older, are eligible to receive one wish per year.

Submitting a request does NOT guarantee fulfillment of the request. Little Wishes are granted ONLY when donations are received from the community, generally within 30-45 days of the request. You will be notified once the funds are available and the request is able to be fulfilled.

The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition does not make reimbursements to individuals. All checks will be made payable directly to the vendor.

By submitting this referral and providing your electronic signature, you indicate that you agree to the terms and conditions of the Little Wishes program.

Little Wishes Referral 

Little Wishes Referral 

Child's Information: 

Caregiver's Information

Case Manager's(CM)/Adoption Worker's(AW) Information

Wish Information

Vendor Information (where the wish will take place or be purchased from)


By completing and signing this application, I hereby request to enroll the foster child in my physical custody (or a child whose case I am managing) in the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition’s Little Wishes program. 

1. I understand there is no guarantee that my foster child's wish will be granted by a donor. I understand that I will be contacted when my child's wish has been granted.

2. I understand that the Little Wishes program is completely dependent on the generosity of others. I understand that even if my foster child's wish is granted, circumstances beyond the Coalition’s control may prevent my foster child from receiving the wish through the program. 

3. I promise to inform the Coalition if the foster child is removed from my physical custody before the wish has been granted.

4. I promise that if my child receives a wish that is tangible that he/she will take this gift with them if placement changes. 

 4. I promise that we will write a thank you note to the donor within 14 days of receiving the little wish. I will send the thank you note to the Coalition, to be forwarded to the donor. 

5. I attest that the information in this Little Wish referral form is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

By typing your full name below, you electronically acknowledge reading and understanding the above information. You state that all of the information you provided is true.