Birthday Buddies

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re looking for Birthday Buddy donors to make a $75 donation for children 12 years and under, and a $100 donation for children 13 years and older.

The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition will purchase birthday gifts online and have them shipped directly to the children.

Make a foster child’s birthday wishes come true by becoming a Birthday Buddy! As a Birthday Buddy, you donate presents to a foster child who has been identified as likely to receive very few or no gifts for their birthday*. Sometimes children ask that their party guests bring a present for a foster child in lieu of a birthday gift for them. Other donors simply enjoy being a Birthday Buddy to brighten a foster child’s birthday.

Children Needing Buddies

KAISER – 4 years old in August – matched with a Buddy!
Kaiser is very smart and outgoing. He loves Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, construction vehicles and soccer. Before Kaiser entered foster care, he sometimes didn’t have a bed to sleep on, so now he is very obsessed with his bed. He would be over the moon to get a Paw Patrol comforter, bedding, and room decorations for his birthday.

KINGSTON – 5 years old in August – matched with a Buddy!
Kingston loves to talk, play and color. He loves to pretend he is a police officer. Each time someone comes to his caregiver’s house, he runs to his room to put on his police uniform. Kingston has had times in his life when he didn’t have bed, so he really takes pride in his bedroom.  Paw Patrol bedding and room decorations would personalize his room and make Kingston really feel like it belongs to him.


RILEY – 2 years old in August – matched with a Buddy!
Riley is the sweetest, most adventurous boy. He loves to play outside, climb, be active, and toys that he can open/close/turn so he can figure out how they work. He is working on catching up on his communication skills as well as occupational therapy. He is learning animals, colors and counting and he loves to sing.  Riley would love anything car or dino related for his birthday, and he could use clothes (size 3T) and a bike helmet.

AIDEN – 16 years old in August– matched with a Buddy!
Aiden loves fishing and camping in the great outdoors, but is also able to stay happily busy inside reading books and making art.  He’s been in foster care for almost 2 years.  For his birthday, he’d like to receive an acoustic guitar.

EGYPT – 14 years old in July – matched with a Buddy!
Egypt is a loving and outgoing girl who is obsessed with the musical group BTS from Korea. She plans to move to Korea when she grows up and is teaching herself how to speak, read, and write the language.  Egypt has been in foster care for 6 years.  It is no surprise that BTS is all over her birthday wish list – she has asked for a BTS backpack, poster, and “Love Yourself” CD.

ZAYNE – 14 years old in July – matched with a Buddy!
Zayne is a very energetic, creative, and outgoing teenage boy who has been in foster care for about 4 years.  He loves the outdoors and doing yard work. He likes to use his hands with woodwork activities too! He loves animals especially playing with his two miniature pet turtles.  Zayne also loves video games and has asked for a Xbox gift card for his birthday.

ASHLEY – 14 years old in July – matched with a Buddy!
Ashley is a cheerful, energetic and sporty young lady who likes track and field, basketball, and swimming. She also enjoys watching anime programs.  Ashley has been in foster care for 3 years.  Her favorite snacks are hot fries, gummy Lifesavers, and white chocolate Kit Kat bars.  Ashley has lots of ideas about what she’d like for her birthday – PINK brand logo tee shirt (size medium), Nike black socks, Starbucks gift card, Thermos water bottle, Dove body wash gift set, and a Roku/Fire stick.

GRAYSON – 7 years old in August – matched with a Buddy!
Grayson is a sweet little boy who acts tough. He looks up to his older brothers and he is full of energy – he can run and play for hours.  Grayson also is a snuggle bug and loves to cuddle once he gets comfortable with you. He has been in foster care for about 2 years.  Grayson would be super excited to get a pair of cowboy boots for his birthday (size 1).  He also would love trucks, cars, Spiderman, Batman or Hulk action figures, and a fishing pole.


Contact Shelley Thomas-Benke at 800.FOSTER.3 (314.367.8373) x2229. 

*We try to ensure that as many foster children as possible receive gifts on their birthday. On rare occasion, we may pull gifts from an extremely generous donation to share with another foster child who has not been matched with a Birthday Buddy.