Birthday Buddies

Does Your Child Need a Birthday Buddy?

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Program Overview

Birthday Buddies is a program for kids in foster care with upcoming birthdays, who have been identified as likely to receive very few or no gifts for their birthday. Kids 12 years and under get $75 worth of gifts, and kids 13 and older get $100 worth of gifts. As a Birthday Buddy, you donate to grant the birthday wishes by purchasing gifts online. The gifts will be shipped directly to the child in time for their birthday. 

Children Needing Buddies

Matched with a Buddy!

Karmajah – 16 years old 

Karmajah is a social butterfly! She has been in care for almost one year. Karmajah has a great sense of humor, and she loves to spend time with her friends. She is an avid movie-goer and likes dressing up for a day out. She hopes to be a fashion designer one day! For her birthday, she would be thrilled to get a Visa gift card so that she can go on a shopping spree. 

Carmen – 13 years old 

Carmen is a cool kid! She has been in care for 4 months. She likes to play video games. Carmen loves animals and really enjoys playing dress up. She got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, and she is excited to play more games. For her birthday, she would love new video games and a hoverboard.

Xzavion – 17 years old 

Xzavion is a talented young man! He has been in care for over a year. Xzavion is artistic, and he is becoming more interested in drawing. He likes cooking and dancing. Xzavion has a great sense of humor, and he loves making people laugh. He is especially gifted at imitating characters on TV! For his birthday, he would be thrilled to get a Nike or Footlocker gift card. 

Jude – 17 years old 

Jude is an absolute joy! She has been in care for 8 months. She is extremely hard working and independent. Jude worked hard to graduate early, start working, and purchased her own car. She is a fearless leader in everything she does. For her birthday, she would like a Walmart gift card. 

Baby Boy – 1 year old 

Baby Boy is a sweet and curious kiddo! He has been in care since birth. He loves his older siblings, and he soaks up being the youngest. He is learning so much every day and has overcome many obstacles. For his birthday, he would love a musical map, busy board, and other learning toys. 

Lamar – 12 years old 

Lamar is a kind, smart kid! He has been in care for 5 years. Lamar can be a little shy and quiet, but he loves to have fun and spend time with his sister. His favorite activity is playing video games. For his birthday, he would love a Target gift card. 

Deriona  – 20 years old 

Deriona is a wonderful young lady! She has been in care for 3 years. Deriona is very friendly, and she makes everyone feel welcome. She enjoys cooking and doing hair. Deriona works very hard, and she loves to relax and watch movies on her days off from work. For her birthday, she would be thrilled to get an Amazon gift card. 

Rah’Keem – 11 years old 

Rah’Keem is a sweet and funny kid! He has been in care for 3 years. Rah’Keem loves to learn. He is very smart and likes to try new things. He is a certified jokester and enjoys making people laugh as much as possible. For his birthday, he would like a pair of Nike shoes. 

Cole – 2 years old 

Cole is a fun little boy! He has been in care for one year. Cole is an absolute bundle of joy. He is learning how to walk, and he loves to move around. Cole likes reading books and playing with his toys in the bath. For his birthday, he would love to get bath toys, new clothes, and books.


For a foster parent/case manager to enroll their foster child in the “Birthday Buddy” program:

  1. The foster parent/case manager must complete and submit the application below.
  2. The child MUST currently be in foster care (not adopted or guardianship).
  3. The foster child must be likely to receive nothing or almost nothing for their birthday.
  4. Applications must be submitted at least one month prior to the child’s birthday.
  5. Applications must be submitted no more than four months before the child’s birthday.

By completing and signing this application, I hereby request to enroll the foster child in my physical custody in the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition’s Birthday Buddy program. 

  1. I understand there is no guarantee that my foster child will be matched with a Birthday Buddy. I understand that I will be contacted if the child is matched; 
  2. I understand that the Birthday Buddy program is completely dependent on the generosity and responsibility of others. I understand that even if my foster child is matched with a Birthday Buddy, circumstances beyond the Coalition’s control may prevent my foster child from receiving presents through the Birthday Buddy program. 
  3. I promise to inform the Coalition if the foster child is removed from my physical custody before their birthday.
  4. I promise that we will write a thank you note to the Birthday Buddy within 14 days of receiving the birthday present. I will send the thank you note to the Coalition, to be forwarded to the Birthday Buddy. 
  5. I attest that the information in this Birthday Buddy application is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

By typing your full name below, you electronically acknowledge reading and understanding the above information. You state that all of the information you provided is true.


Contact Madison Brown at (314) 806-2556. 

*We try to ensure that as many foster children as possible receive gifts on their birthday. On rare occasion, we may pull gifts from an extremely generous donation to share with another foster child who has not been matched with a Birthday Buddy.