Birthday Buddies

Make a foster child’s birthday wishes come true by becoming a Birthday Buddy! As a Birthday Buddy, you donate presents to a foster child who has been identified as likely to receive very few or no gifts for his/her birthday*. Sometimes children ask that their party guests bring a present for a foster child in lieu of a birthday gift for him/her. Other donors simply enjoy being a Birthday Buddy to brighten a foster child’s birthday.

To Become A Birthday Buddy

  1. Select a child from the list of foster children with upcoming birthdays (below).
  2. Fill out the form below.
  3. Drop off your gifts to a Birthday Buddy Coordinator’s home in Kirkwood, MO, or Bethalto, IL.
  4.  We ask donors to donate between $50-$100 worth of birthday gifts to their Birthday Buddy.

Children Needing Buddies

KARISSA – 16 years in May – matched with a Buddy!
Karissa is slow to build relationships but once she trusts you, she will be your forever friend. She loves being taken on outings. Karissa’s brother is being adopted in a few months – she is excited for him and hoping that she will be adopted by a loving family too. Karissa loves coloring her hair, reading anime books, drawing and sketching, and she’s learning to play tennis. For her birthday, Karissa would be excited to receive a gift card to Hot Topic, anime books, and sketching/drawing art supplies. To ensure that Karissa receives her gifts in time for her birthday, gifts should be donated by May 28.

JAMIE- 5 years old in July – matched with a Buddy!
Jamie is an active little girl. She loves to run, jump and play with her siblings. She also loves singing, especially singing along to her favorite movies. Jamie has been in foster care for 1 year. For her birthday, Jamie would love to get some dolls, clothing for those dolls, ribbons and barrettes for her hair, any toy that facilitates learning, and DVDs that she can sing along with such as Trolls, Despicable Me, and Moana. To reach Jamie in time for her birthday, please donate gifts no later than June 28.

KAMIYA- 12 years old in July – matched with a Buddy!
Kamiya is a charismatic young lady with a talent for singing. She enjoys doing arts & crafts. She might have an interest in becoming a hair stylist when she grows up as she is always giving her dolls new hair styles. She is also very into unicorns right now. Kamiya has been in foster care for almost 2 years. For her birthday Kamiya would like to receive Barbie dolls with outfits, nail polish, stuffed animals, anything with a unicorn on it, a night light, notebooks and pencils for arts & crafts and a pair of sunglasses. To reach Kamiya in time for her birthday, please see that gifts are delivered no later than July 11.

Sign-Up to Become a Birthday Buddy


Contact Shelley Thomas-Benke at 800.FOSTER.3 (314.367.8373) x2229. 

*We try to ensure that as many foster children as possible receive gifts on their birthday. On rare occasion, we may pull some of the gifts from an extremely generous donation to share with another foster child who has not been matched with a Birthday Buddy.