Mission & Vision

Our Mission

The Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition strives to create permanency in foster children’s lives by recruiting and supporting foster and adoptive families in the metropolitan St. Louis region.

Our Vision

For Every Child . . . A Place to Call Home

Our vision is for a community that embraces its most vulnerable members, ensuring that each child in foster care has an opportunity for a healthy, successful life by providing:

  • safe, nurturing homes, and;
  • a support system for foster and adoptive families as they fulfill the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the children in their care.


The following principles drive the organization’s plans and actions:

  • Because children have the best chance at success when placed in qualified and supported foster/adoptive/kinship families, our programs address the needs of the entire family unit.
  • Our services are: 1) unique and needed in our community; 2) based on best practice and research; and 3) constantly measured for effectiveness.
  • To leverage the maximum number of services for our families, we continually seek to develop collaborations with community partners.
  • We maintain tight fiscal controls and a maximum program/administration spending ratio of 80/20%.