Waiting Children

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Alexa and Lamar

Ever heard of the term yin and yang? Alexa and Lamar are just that, two opposites that complement each other perfectly. Alexa and Lamar may be shy at first, but with some time, they flourish into sassy, playful, and energetic kids!  Alexa is a girly girl diva who always likes to look her best. She [...]


Twelve-year-old Carter is a kind young man, with great manners, who has many interests and talents to share with his future family! When walking around the store with Carter, he will walk aisle to aisle talking about all the things he loves. Carter is a budding magician, learning how to do magic tricks that will [...]


Three-year-old Cartier is the happiest little guy you will have the pleasure of meeting. He has a hearty laugh that will fill you with joy just hearing it. Cartier has a lot of energy and enjoys running, jumping, and climbing. He loves playgrounds and play spaces, though he needs reminders to stay close and to [...]

Chavon and K’Von

Brothers Chavon and K’Von are bonded siblings seeking an adoptive home together. Their favorite sibling activity is to go to trampoline parks where they love to do flips, play dodgeball, and take turns dunking baskets. Both boys are quite competitive and little brother K’Von is always trying to show up his big brother. While the [...]


Hasean is a friendly, observant, and affectionate eleven-year old boy. He has a great sense of humor and is very independent. He enjoys playing video games on his tablet, and he recently got an X-Box where he likes to play Minecraft and Rocket Ryder. Hasean likes to watch television shows like Curious George, Bluey and [...]

Jamiah and Jesse

This brother-sister duo is quite the pair. Little brother, Jesse, looks up to big sister, Jamiah, in every way! The two squabble like true siblings, but love even bigger! Jamiah is a friendly and talkative 14-year-old with a big personality. She may be shy at first, but once she gets to know you, she opens [...]


Jamour is a vibrant and lively 12-year-old bursting with energy. He thrives on the joys of school and the thrill of playing basketball. Golden State is his favorite team, and he insists that Steph Curry's 3-pointers "hit smooth like butta," even singing it like a BTS song. Jamour's talents extend beyond the basketball court—he has [...]


Meet Javion! Javion is a confident and outgoing 16-year-old. Javion loves to play and watch sports, but basketball is his absolute favorite. Javion is very sociable & enjoys making and hanging out with friends his age. Some of Javion’s favorite things to do include riding his BMX bike around the neighborhood and playing video and [...]

Justin, Davion, and Malina

Justin, Davion, and Malina are very energetic, imaginative, and fun-loving children. Their sibling bond is strong, and they are very protective of one another. They enjoy hanging out with each other and would love to have a family who will love, support, nurture, and tend to their every need. Some of the kid’s favorite foods [...]


Meet 15-year-old Karmajah. Karmajah is a young teen that lights up a room with her infectious smile. She loves all things fashion and jumps at the opportunity to be creative. Currently, Karmajah is interested in focusing her skills on fashion design, she is hoping to apply to a program within her district that will allow [...]


Meet 11-year-old Khalia. Khalia is a girly girl firecracker. She loves all things fashion and is up on all the latest trends. She enjoys shopping for colorful outfits that match her personality and working on her nails. When she isn’t working on her fashion, she is found putting together dance routines  she has learned with [...]

Monaye and Shemiah

These sisters are two peas in a pod. Little sister, Shemiah, looks up to her big sister, Monaye, in every way! And Monaye is happy to show her little sister the ropes. Monaye is an ambitious and funny 15-year-old with an infectious, bright smile. Monaye is the more outgoing sister, always ready to talk and [...]


Remington is an active and fun loving 10-year-old. He enjoys activities that stimulate his senses like playing in bubbles, jumping on a trampoline, and playing in a ball pit. When it's bright and sunny outside,  Remington's outdoorsy personality shines.  He loves to go to the park and play in the grass.  He also loves music. [...]


Eleven-year-old Tayana is an aspiring singer, songwriter, and artist. She has an art gallery of songs she has written and drawings she is working on, which she loves to show off. Get her talking about her passions, and she won’t stop. She might even ask you, “Am I talking too much?” She loves to spend [...]


Music is 17-year-old Trever’s love language! He’s crazy gifted on the guitar — which was self-taught. He fell in love with the instrument when he was just five years old. Not only is Trever musically gifted, but he is also creative. His favorite class is woodworking, where he can use his skills to create unique and [...]

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