Waiting Children

For more information on any of these children, please call 800.FOSTER.3.
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Ashley (17) is an active, nurturing, and inquisitive teenager. She enjoys spending time in the outdoors and loves adventures that include camping and swimming. Spending time with animals and listening to music are also high on her list of favorite pastimes. She is a wonderful companion to other children and delights in caring for and [...]


Bryant is a 14 year old young man. He is active and has a playful attitude when he warms up to you. He especially likes to tell jokes and play jokes on his close friends. Laid back and curious are great words to describe his dynamic personality. He makes friends easily and enjoys his time [...]


Carter is an energetic and curious ten-year old boy who is currently in the fourth grade! Carter is described as a cute, sweet, and caring! Carter enjoys sports, including basketball, track, and soccer. Carter loves to read (especially the Goosebumps books) and to write. Carter receives some additional services through his school to assist him [...]

Chris and Mikail

Chris (13) and Mikail (10) are brothers searching for their forever family. Ask these brothers which superhero is best; they can talk endlessly about Black Panther, Superman, The Flash, and other Marvel/DC heroes! Building new and inventive Lego structures show just how creative these boys are! Pour out a box of Legos for Chris and [...]


Watch Davonte's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Davonte is a fun, curious 14 year old who loves all things Basketball.  He loves and is good with animals, especially dogs.  Davonte likes to build things, and he is an easy child to have fun with.  Davonte is always observing his surroundings, and although he [...]


Denzel is an 11 year old boy who has a bright smile and personality. He is very great at being able to advocate for himself regarding his wants and needs when it comes to him finding a “Forever Home”. Denzel is a straight “A” student and he loves attending school. He is in the 5 [...]


Faith is a happy-go-lucky five-year-old who loves interacting with other kids and makes friends easily. Faith started Kindergarten this year and is so excited about school. She loves books and likes to be read to. Faith knows sight words and can count up to twenty. She identifies letters and numbers and knows her alphabet. Faith [...]


Watch Gary's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Gary is a kind and helpful 13-year-old looking for his forever family. Gary loves all animals, but horses are his favorite. Gary enjoys horseback riding and spending time outside. He also enjoys shopping at his favorite store, Dollar Tree. He has a good sense of humor [...]


Watch Jason's feature on "A Place to Call Home." With his awesome sense of humor, Jason is a lot of fun to be around! An affectionate and friendly kid, Jason is a great conversationalist with an engaging personality. He is super enthusiastic and is always eager to help others. He takes pride in his strengths, [...]


Watch Jumyrian's feature on "A Place to Call Home." At first meeting, you might mistake Jumyrian for shy and reserved, but give him a chance to get comfortable and he’ll surprise you with a larger than life personality! Witty and charming, this 16-year-old is ready to share his humor with a family. In his down [...]


Landon is a reserved 11-year-old who is quietly hilarious, which will make you crack just the slyest smile when you talk with him. Landon does not give himself enough credit, reporting he’s “ehh, alright,” but do not let his nonchalant attitude fool you! Landon is an amazing kid and while you have to push a [...]


Watch Michaela's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Michaela is a 13 year old beautiful girl with a contagious smile. She is currently in the 8th grade with a love for school and her favorite subjects are English Language Arts and Math. She does well academically in school. Get ready for some thoughtful and [...]


Ronald is a quirky and friendly eleven-year-old boy. He is described as initially shy, inquisitive, and playful. Ronald enjoys playing outside on the playground and riding his bike and scooter. He loves Sonic the Hedgehog and playing card games. He likes a variety of animals but especially loves marine life and reptiles. Ronald can be [...]


Watch Sean's feature on "A Place to Call Home." It’s not necessarily the sun shining through the windows that will brighten your mornings when Sean is in the house. It’s likely his smile, as he spends most of the day beaming! If you couple Sean’s silly sense of humor with his great grins, you’ve got [...]


Shyanne is a nurturing and spirited fourteen-year-old girl. She is described as energetic, imaginative, and sociable. She loves to have her hair done, especially if it is put up in a fancy hair style. Shyanne is a social butterfly and loves to talk with everyone she sees. She prefers to play indoors with her stuffed [...]


Tre’vione is 14 years old and always has a smile on his face. He is very friendly, caring, and delights everyone who meets him. Tre’vione enjoys sports, especially basketball and football with friends in the neighborhood. In his free time he enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, reading, and the outdoors. Tre’vione’s best idea [...]

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