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Watch Ashley's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Ashley is an outgoing and considerate 12-year-old girl. She is a social butterfly and can make anyone smile. Ashley is talkative and friendly and loves spending time with people. Ashley’s talents include gymnastics, swimming, and being a Netflix connoisseur. All family types will be considered for [...]


Watch Brandon's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Brandon is an active, kind, and friendly young man. This 15-year-old is a pleasure to be with and his smile will light up any room! By others, Brandon is described as talkative, social, and inquisitive. He describes himself as smart and funny; saying he likes to [...]


Bryant is a 14 year old young man. He is active and has a playful attitude when he warms up to you. He especially likes to tell jokes and play jokes on his close friends. Laid back and curious are great words to describe his dynamic personality. He makes friends easily and enjoys his time [...]


Carter is an energetic and curious ten-year old boy who is currently in the fourth grade! Carter is described as a cute, sweet, and caring! Carter enjoys sports, including basketball, track, and soccer. Carter loves to read (especially the Goosebumps books) and to write. Carter receives some additional services through his school to assist him [...]


Six year old Chance lights up every room that he walks into. He has a megawatt smile and sweet nature. He has brownish red hair and sparkling green eyes. He is cheerful, loves to help, and you will be his best friend the minute you meet him. He loves to do chores such as taking [...]


Watch Christian's feature on "A Place to Call Home." I would like to introduce you to this incredibly resilient, lovable and humble young man, Christian. Christian is a 17-year-old Caucasian male. Christian has Cerebral Palsy, but has moved mountains by only using his leg braces when he is walking and running. Christian loves to give [...]


Watch Davonte's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Davonte is a fun, curious 14 year old who loves all things Basketball.  He loves and is good with animals, especially dogs.  Davonte likes to build things, and he is an easy child to have fun with.  Davonte is always observing his surroundings, and although he [...]


Watch Gary's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Gary is a kind and helpful 13-year-old looking for his forever family. Gary loves all animals, but horses are his favorite. Gary enjoys horseback riding and spending time outside. He also enjoys shopping at his favorite store, Dollar Tree. He has a good sense of humor [...]


Watch Jahkaiya's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Jahkaiya is affectionately called “Tweety” by those that know and love her. This ten year old is full of smiles and loves to give high fives, especially if it’s her first time meeting you! She has a bright smile that will warm your heart. Jahkaiya is [...]


Watch Jason's feature on "A Place to Call Home." With his awesome sense of humor, Jason is a lot of fun to be around! An affectionate and friendly kid, Jason is a great conversationalist with an engaging personality. He is super enthusiastic and is always eager to help others. He takes pride in his strengths, [...]


Watch Jumyrian's feature on "A Place to Call Home." At first meeting, you might mistake Jumyrian for shy and reserved, but give him a chance to get comfortable and he’ll surprise you with a larger than life personality! Witty and charming, this 16-year-old is ready to share his humor with a family. In his down [...]


Watch Kendell's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Kendell a 14 year old teenager. who works hard at his studies. He is a deep thinker, and he is most engaging when he knows something about the subject matter. He will flourish in a conversation if knowledgeable about the subject. Kendell is described by his [...]


Watch Michaela's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Meet Michaela! This 12 year old may be shy at first, but once comfortable she can be a social butterfly. Like most pre-teens, she likes to spend time with her friends. Michaela is creative and enjoys arts and crafts, drawing, coloring, and reading. She also appreciates [...]

Monaye & Shemiah

Watch Monaye and Shemiah's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Monaye, a happy 12-year-old pre-teen, with a winning smile, she is described as a beautiful person, with a pleasant personality, she likes coloring, drawing, and word searches, she enjoys singing and dancing, an activity she cultivated in praise dance at church where she sang [...]

Rodriguez “RJ”, Wyatt, and Kamryn

This sibling group of handsome brothers are seeking their forever family! Watch Rodriguez "RJ", Wyatt, and Kamryn on "A Place to Call Home" Kamryn is an active, affectionate, and a lovable 11 year old. Kamryn has brown hair and brown eyes.  He is very loving and attached to significant adults in his life. He has [...]

Romeo & Romel

Watch Romeo and Romel's feature on "A Place to Call Home." These adorable brothers have an extremely strong bond and hope for a forever family that will commit to the both of them. Romeo and Romel each have their own unique personalities, but those personalities mesh well. Church has been a big part of their [...]


Watch Sean's feature on "A Place to Call Home." It’s not necessarily the sun shining through the windows that will brighten your mornings when Sean is in the house. It’s likely his smile, as he spends most of the day beaming! If you couple Sean’s silly sense of humor with his great grins, you’ve got [...]

Tianna, Trevione, Ashton

Watch Tianna, Trevione, and Ashton's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Tianna is a 15-year-old teenager headed to the 10th grade with a smile that will melt your heart. She likes to dance, sing, and color. She loves posing for the camera and will twist and turn for that *just-right* camera shot. Tianna does [...]


Tre’vione is 14 years old and always has a smile on his face. He is very friendly, caring, and delights everyone who meets him. Tre’vione enjoys sports, especially basketball and football with friends in the neighborhood. In his free time he enjoys riding his bike, playing video games, reading, and the outdoors. Tre’vione’s best idea [...]


Meet William, a 6 year old charmer. William is an active kiddo who will quickly liven up your life.  He loves to try new things and has participated in basketball, soccer, and bowling. Right now he says soccer is his favorite! His perfect summer includes camping, watching NASCAR and Wrestling, riding his bike and dune [...]


Watch Za'Leyah's feature on "A Place to Call Home." Za’Leyah, who also spells her name Zaleyah, is a friendly and energetic 11-year-old girl. Za’Leyah is talkative and loves being around family and friends, as well as meeting new people. She loves to play games and watch videos on YouTube. A few of Za’Leyah’s favorite things [...]

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