Waiting Children

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Ashiauna is an outgoing 13 year old girl. Social, humorous, and compassionate are a few words that immediately come to mind when describing her. In her spare time, she enjoys playing basketball and soccer for her school team, hanging out with friends, and keeping up with the latest fashion trends.  Ashiauna is currently in 8th [...]


Brandon is an active, kind, and friendly young man. This 13-year-old is a pleasure to be with and his smile will light up any room! By others, Brandon is described as talkative, social, and inquisitive. He describes himself as smart and funny; saying he likes to humor others with his jokes and stories. When he’s [...]


Six year old Chance lights up every room that he walks into. He has a megawatt smile and sweet nature. He has brownish red hair and sparkling green eyes. He is cheerful, loves to help, and you will be his best friend the minute you meet him. He loves to do chores such as taking [...]


Colton has great big brown eyes and a smile that will light up a room! This 5-year-old cutie is naturally happy, curious, and loving to the people in his life. He is easy to smile, giggle, and make eye contact to show his preference and affection for those closest to him. His favorite things are being [...]


Davonte is a fun, curious 12 year old who loves all things Basketball.  He loves and is good with animals, especially dogs.  Davonte likes to build things, and he is an easy child to have fun with.  Davonte is always observing his surroundings, and although he can be reserved at times, he comes out of [...]


Delilah, age 14 is a tall and beautiful pre-teen who is ready for a forever family. The first thing people notice when they meet Delilah is her big bright smile that is contagious. Delilah is a girlie girl. She likes to wear lip gloss, nail polish, headbands and jewelry with her matching outfits. Delilah is [...]


Del-Vyon is an extroverted 11-year-old who is always smiling! He’s always looking for ways to make you smile too, so he’s quick to bust a dance move or tell you a joke to capture your attention. Being smart, athletic, and full of curiosity are some of his best qualities. Del-Vyon likes playing football and basketball [...]


Dylan is a fun 11 year old boy. He has a big smile and can often be silly. Dylan loves one-on-one attention to help him play with legos and puzzles. He has fun bouncing any type of ball and playing chase. Due to his sensory needs, he also enjoys applying pressure to his jaw, swinging, [...]


Elias is a handsome 14 year old who has a special talent for drawing. He is a freshman this year and he recently joined Art Club and Card club at school. His preferred subject at school is Science. When he first meets someone he can be very shy, but is engaging once he warms up. [...]


Hannah is a creative and artistic fifteen year old. She likes to express herself through writing poetry and making ceramics. She appreciates any activity that she can utilize her creative talents. Hannah enjoys singing or listening to music and dancing. She describes herself as animated, competitive, and helpful. She loves animals and enjoys participating in [...]


With his awesome sense of humor, Jason is a lot of fun to be around! An affectionate and friendly kid, Jason is a great conversationalist with an engaging personality. He is super enthusiastic and is always eager to help others. He takes pride in his strengths, and says he is loyal, creative, and puts others [...]


Joseph is an active and engaging 16 year old young man who has a huge heart! Joseph’s creativity is a great strength of his and often leads to masterpieces made with Legos. Like your typical teenage boy, Joseph also really enjoys playing video games, especially car racing games. Sometimes he also likes to relax and [...]


Karissa is a 16-year-old girl who is very articulate but can be a little hesitant with people she does not know well, once Karissa gets to know someone, she will open up and can carry on great conversations. Karissa is creative and it shows through her love of drawing.  Music is a passion she listens [...]


Kejuan is a 15-year-old young man who loves sports. He enjoys watching and playing any type of sport, but specifically has a strong love for basketball. He could tell you anything you’d want to know about it and lights up when discussing his favorite teams, players, and their performance statistics. Kejuan is in the 10th grade [...]

Mackenzie, Amani & Ronald

Meet Mackenzie (4), Amani (3), and Ronald (3)! These fun-loving siblings love to go go go! Playing with toys, going on new adventures, and hanging out together at the park are a few of their favorite things. Mackenzie, the oldest, takes pride in being a great big sister. She loves lending Amani and Ronald a [...]


It’s not necessarily the sun shining through the windows that will brighten your mornings when Sean is in the house. It’s likely his smile, as he spends most of the day beaming! If you couple Sean’s silly sense of humor with his great grins, you’ve got an amazing young man who makes the dullest days [...]


Serenity is a beautiful 15 year old who is ready for a family! She is a happy child, who likes to sing and dance. Serenity loves all things girly. She enjoys doing her makeup, getting her hair and nails done, and anything regarding fashion.  Serenity is very bright. She does well in school overall but [...]


Meet Tylei! There’s never a dull moment with Tylei, an energetic and fun 8 ½ year old. He is starting 2nd grade this fall. Tylei’s favorite subjects are reading and math. He’s an action hero fan and his favorite character is “Ironman.” Tylei is an active and engaging young man who will tell you he [...]


Tyler is a 13 year old star whose smile will light up your heart. You can find him involved with anything to do with music and dancing. He loves to sing in the church choir and can perform a flawless dance routine at the drop of a hat. His favorite artists are T Swift and [...]