Adoption Incentive Fund

In late February, the federal government nearly let funding expire for states who go above and beyond to place children in foster care with special needs. That money, known as Adoption Incentive Funds, is crucial to the success of agencies like ours who find families for the most vulnerable children in our community.

The Coalition asked our supporters to spread the word; our kids were in danger of growing up without families. We’re so proud to say you delivered.

Missouri’s own Senator Blunt chairs the committee that oversees Adoption Incentive Funds. As a result of our call and email campaign, more than 1,200 individuals contacted Sen. Blunt’s office. Our supporters around the country contacted their senators, as well, creating a national groundswell of support for children in need of forever families.

Local media, including, KSDK, the St. Louis American, and KMOX, ran stories about the families who have benefited from programs funded by Adoption Incentive money. Many of these families would not exist today without this crucial line of support. We’re happy to say many will exist tomorrow because it will continue.

We would like to thank: Sen. Blunt for his leadership in the Senate; the local media, including KSDK, the St. Louis American, and KMOX for their dedication to informing the community about pressing issues of substance; and, most importantly, you. Your actions kept hope alive for the hardest-to-place children in foster care. Your advocacy made a real difference in children’s lives.

Sen. Blunt called us and expressed his thanks for your advocacy. His full statement is below.

“As co-chair of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption and an adoptive parent myself, making sure we have the resources in place to help more kids find the permanent, loving home they deserve is a priority. The adoption incentives program provides critical support for foster families and gives them the tools they need to make adoption a success. The government funding bill doubles funding for the program, providing the funding increase necessary to make up for previous shortfalls, and paves the way for payments to states, like Missouri, to remain current. I appreciate the strong advocacy for this program from our state’s adoption resources centers. I’ll continue working to ensure this program remains available for families that open their homes to children who need them.”