Clothing Allowance Access Program

Need to skip the wait for CD reimbursement when purchasing clothing items for your child?

The Clothing Allowance Access Program is here to help!

Our collaboration with the Missouri Children’s Division (CD) has led to the development of the Allowance Access Program, designed to help youth in foster care who are facing challenges accessing the funds in their annual clothing allowance.

Through this program, we provide teens with a unique opportunity to obtain the clothing they need by allowing them to give us a list of their desired clothing items. Once the desired clothing has been selected, we purchase it on their behalf and wait to receive reimbursement from the CD.

The cost of the clothing will be deducted from their annual clothing allowance, making this program a viable solution for those unable to wait for reimbursement.


  • The youth’s foster care case manager must be with Children’s Division; and
  • The youth must be currently in foster care (not legal guardianship or adopted); and
  • The youth must be 13 years or older; and
  • The youth’s foster parent must be financially unable to purchase clothing for the youth and wait for reimbursement from Children’s Division OR the youth is in an independent, transitional, or emergency living situation.

How to Apply 

Eligible caregivers, youth, and case managers may fill out a Clothing Allowance Access application by clicking the button below. When we process your application, you’ll receive a phone call as well as written instructions with more details.

Not Eligible?

Children in foster care who are under the age of 13 or who are managed by another agency are not eligible. All children in foster care are eligible to receive clothing from ReFresh or ReSource

Additional Resources

Here is a list of other organizations that provide free clothing for children impacted by foster care:

Butterfly Haven 

Fostering Together 

One Heart 


Contact Shelley Thomas-Benke, Director of Family Enrichment & Volunteers, at:

314.367.8373 |