Treatment Foster Care

Help Us Take Fostering to the Next Level

Treatment Foster Homes Needed!

We are looking for great foster parents that will provide a loving, supportive, and nurturing home!

As a treatment foster parent, you are an ongoing presence in the child’s life and the primary source of support.

Treatment Foster parents would receive 32 hours of customized and distinctive training. This patented and individualized training will equip the foster parents with techniques that will encourage and propel growth and healthy development of children! The participant will receive a certificate upon completing the TFC training.

Statistics show that children in care for an extended time are known to have complex trauma histories. Trauma impacts a child’s ability to self-regulate and manage their emotions. Our foster youth need particularly patient caregivers, willing to view the child through a trauma lens, be willing to be flexible in their parenting style in order to help the child thrive, grow, and heal.

Treatment Foster Parents will be able to help build positive, healthy relationships with their foster children and promote positive relationships in the community.


  • Must be 21 years or older
  • Appropriate housing, approved by CD standards that has the space required to accommodate a child in custody
  • Reside within St. Louis city, St. Louis county, St. Charles, or Jeff Co or areas
  • Must be a licensed foster parent
  • Able to attend and complete 32 hours of the specialized training.
  • Willing & open viewing the children we serve through a trauma lens
  • Assure and transport children to their necessary appointments that could include but is not limited to: therapy, medical, psychiatric appointments along to extracurricular activities if deemed appropriate
  • Participate as a professional member of the team in FST’s, court hearings, IEP meetings, etc
  • Open to working with the child’s natural support system such as biological parents (if deemed appropriate), extended family members, and friends to cultivate and continue healthy attachments
  • Being able to encourage and motivate the child towards their permanency plan which could include but is not limited adoption or guardianship

Treatment Foster Care programs will ensure that each home is set up for success. Extensive supports include:

  • Treatment foster care reimbursement rate
  • A licensed therapist who only serves children in the TFC program
  • 24/7 support from a real person who can help; not just take a message
  • Preferred access to services offered by the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, including Project SOAR, Educational Advocacy, and STEPS

If you are ready to make a difference in a child’s life, please contact the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition, speak with Cisely Beard or Angela Chewe, at 314-367-8373 or by email at;