Twelve-year-old Carter is a kind young man, with great manners, who has many interests and talents to share with his future family! When walking around the store with Carter, he will walk aisle to aisle talking about all the things he loves. Carter is a budding magician, learning how to do magic tricks that will leave others impressed! Reading is his true passion, and you will often catch Carter on a couch or in his bed reading for hours at a time. He is particularly fond of R.L. Stein’s Goosebumps, The Last Kids on Earth, and the Warriors book series. Carter would spend all day reading if he could, so a family that loves frequent library trips would be a great fit.

Carter also loves challenging his mind by figuring out puzzles and creating new LEGO structures. He will tell you all about what he has built and how many hours it might have taken. Let Carter lose with some odds and ends craft supplies, and his imagination will go wild. He loves to create! Carter thrives educationally, typically with all A and B grades. He enjoys writing but does well in all subjects.

One thing he never tires of is being outside and playing sports. Carter enjoys sports, including basketball, track, and soccer! While he is not active in these things right now, Carter would love to be part of a team again. Carter loves to visit parks, play tag, and skip rocks. He and his friends develop creative games to play outside, though their rules on how to play change frequently. After a long day, Carter loves to rest and recharge by watching movies or playing video games.

If you are licensed foster/adoptive home and interested in learning more about Carter, please contact:

Samantha Fisher – Extreme Recruiter

1750 South Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 210, Saint Louis, MO 63144
o 314.367.8373

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