Three-year-old Cartier is the happiest little guy you will have the pleasure of meeting. He has a hearty laugh that will fill you with joy just hearing it. Cartier has a lot of energy and enjoys running, jumping, and climbing. He loves playgrounds and play spaces, though he needs reminders to stay close and to listen to directions.

Cartier loves his movies including Good Dinosaur, Lion King, and the new Super Mario Brothers! His absolute favorite is Lion King and he can sing every song from the soundtrack. He will often ask to listen to Lion King in the car and will belt out his favorite parts and giggle when you sing too! He also loves Pete the Cat stories and songs. While he follows a specialized diet due to a medical diagnosis, his favorite junk foods are graham crackers and vanilla wafers!

Cartier is sweet, outgoing, and absolutely loving. He enjoys meeting new people and showing off what he has learned, his favorite toys, and he especially loves giving hugs and high fives! Although Cartier spent half of his life in the hospital, he is making up for it and hitting new milestones daily.

Cartier has an extensive medical history and will require ongoing specialized care, so his team is seeking a family that can meet his all-around medical, emotional, behavioral, and cultural needs.

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For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Samantha Fisher – Extreme Recruiter

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