Colton has great big brown eyes and a smile that will light up a room! This eight-year-old cutie is naturally happy, curious, and loving to the people in his life. He is easy to smile, giggle, and make eye contact to show his preference and affection for those closest to him. His favorite things are being snuggled, tickled, and rocked by his care providers. He is also thrilled by the opportunity to drive his motorized toy car!

At preschool, Colton excels in social interactions and loves his teachers and peers. Motivated and enthusiastic, Colton follows simple instructions, uses switches to direct activities, and vocalizes to initiate interaction with his peers. He is also showing progress in using his walker.Colton will do well in a family who has the resources and knowledge to raise and support him. He is a joy to know, and an even greater joy to love. With the right adoptive family, in a home of his own, Colton will surely thrive.

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