Meet Gabriel “Gabe”, a young man who has a friendly demeanor and a positive outlook on life.  With a spirit as infectious as his smile, Gabe describes himself as a kind and easy going person. Gabe is excited about finding his forever home that will be able to model and teach him new things as he transitions into young adulthood.

Gabe enjoys spending time with his friends and family playing video games, going out to eat and reading. Gabe is an avid reader who enjoys books from many different genres. He also enjoys watching scary movies. Gabe reported that he went to church when he lived with his mother and truly enjoyed participating in the activities. Unfortunately, Gabe admitted that he hasn’t been to a consistent church since he has been in care. He one day wants to find a church home that he would be excited about regularly attending.

Gabe is open to variety of family types including single parents, two parent homes that include a mother and father, and families that might have a different racial background from his own. Gabe is open to the possibility of relocating, but he would prefer to reside in the city rather than a rural area. Gabe would prefer his forever home to have siblings his own age are older.  Gabe needs a loving adoptive family who will help him reach his goals by providing him with attention, support, and encouragement and nurturing environment. It would also be helpful if the pre-adoptive home is experienced in trauma informed practices, in addition to having experience with fostering children with higher needs than those at a traditional level of care.

For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Angela Chewe – Extreme Recruiter

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