Garrett is a very energetic 12 year old boy.  He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and an adorable smile!  Garrett loves playing outside and has a passion for animals.  He is a very funny child and likes to be the center of attention.  In Garrett’s free time he likes to play Minecraft and ride his bike. He also enjoys playing basketball and going swimming. Garrett likes going places such as Skyzone and going out to eat. Garrett is not a picky eater. His favorite dessert is pecan pie. Garrett enjoys drawing and painting so it is no surprise that his favorite subject in school is art.

Garrett is legally free for adoption.  He is ready to be adopted and have a family.  Garrett does have an older sibling with whom he would like to maintain some type of contact. Garrett desires a family that will love him and looks forward to having a consistent “mom” and “dad” in his life.


For those who are licensed foster/adoptive parents, please contact:

Jan Joeckel – Director of General Recruitment

1750 South Brentwood Boulevard, Suite 210, Saint Louis, MO 63144
o 314.367.8373