Jamour is a vibrant and lively 12-year-old bursting with energy. He thrives on the joys of school and the thrill of playing basketball. Golden State is his favorite team, and he insists that Steph Curry’s 3-pointers “hit smooth like butta,” even singing it like a BTS song. Jamour’s talents extend beyond the basketball court—he has excelled in intramural football and wrestling, showcasing his skills and determination. He effortlessly connects with his peers and has a special affinity for furry friends, especially dogs.

As summer arrives, Jamour’s excitement peaks as he eagerly heads to the local pool to swim. When it’s time to unwind, he finds delight in America’s Funniest Home Videos, entertaining himself with laughter. Music holds a special place in Jamour’s heart, embracing various genres from rap to hard rock. When it comes to food, his appetite knows no bounds. Whether savoring homemade nachos or indulging in his beloved spot, Texas Roadhouse, his happiness is synonymous with a satisfying meal. Those rolls hold a special place in his heart!

Social and filled with humor, Jamour captivates everyone he meets. Though he may be smaller in stature than his peers, his personality shines brightly, filling every room he enters with joy and laughter.

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