Meet Keshawn! Keshawn has good manners and is a quiet and reserved young man until he becomes familiar with new people. When he warms up to you, he will greet you with a warm smile, focused eye contact, and will study and observe you closely. Keshawn loves having books read to him. His current favorite is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See. He loves following the reader closely and trying to finish the well-versed sentences. Keshawn loves listening and dancing to music. His favorite song and dance routine is the Cha Cha Slide. Watch out, this boy can bust a move! During playtime, Keshawn enjoys independent play with small cars, trains, and trucks; he is happy and captivated with small objects. Keshawn is attuned to his surrounding and does not let many things get past him. His foster mom affectionately calls him Big Juice and shared that when the older children in the home are doing chores, Keshawn begs for tasks of his own, and will proudly complete his chores with a puffed out chest.

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